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How We Work

How much do we charge for our services?

One of our commitments to our clients is be cost conscious and provide good value for money. We are Chartered Accountants and provide the expertise and assurance required. We also provide cost-effective accounting and bookkeeping services for smaller businesses.

Our fees are based on the time it takes us to complete your work and we understand that there is a need for you to have clarity around costs upfront. So that you are aware of exactly what is included for the year, with the option to pay on a monthly basis, we do offer fixed accounting fees when we can.

There are some instances where it is not possible for us to provide a quote for our accounting fees. If there are complexities surrounding the work we would be completing for you, we can give you an estimate and keep you informed during the processing of your job.

In certain circumstances a deposit may be required before we commence work.  

Unless different terms are negotiated in advance, payment is due within fourteen days of our invoice being issued. For standard accounting and tax return work we issue our invoice at the time we produce the draft accounts and therefore payment is expected prior to the final accounts being released.

Why work with ABA Chartered Accountants

You won’t be charged for every minute of conversation. If you have a question about your accounts, pick up the phone or email us. You have unlimited support in this area.  

We also have a free Annual Strategic Review to review your goals and results and help set new targets for your business.

Our simple four step process for establishing your accounting fees:



Getting to know you and your business goals

Relationships and communication are important to us. As your potential accounting partner, we want to get to know you and your business.




Identifying your expectations and requirements

We like to have an open and honest discussion about what you would like us to do and what we can offer in order to take the pressure off you and free up your time to meet your business goals.




How will you be presenting your information

We like to know how technology savvy you are, and how you will be presenting your information to us as well as the number of bank accounts you operate and how organised you are with simple bookkeeping and accounting principles. This is important for us to understand, as it has a bearing on the time it takes for us to process your accounting work.




Putting together a proposal

We then take that information and put together a proposal of what we can do to assist you moving forward. We establish a price based on the time we believe it will take to deliver on this. We aim to keep things simple so that you know exactly what fees you will be paying each year.  

If, once we have commenced the job there is additional work involved that was not foreseen by either party at the time, then we will contact you regarding this, as further charges may apply. A common example of this would be if GST returns or PAYE returns have been filed incorrectly by the client and need to be corrected. 

Call ABA today so that we can discuss your requirements.

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What our
clients say…

“We have been with Crystal and the team at ABA for eight years.  We have always been very happy with their service.  Crystal always responds well to queries.  We visited the other day, and as we left my husband commented that ABA were the best accountants we had ever had, and I definitely agreed with him.”

Jacqui Smith – February 2019

Payment Options

We have several payment options available:

  • Direct Credit (please contact us for our banking details)
  • Payment by credit card;
  • Payment using FeeSmart. FeeSmart is an alternative payment option which allows you to spread the payment of your accounting fees over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.   

Please contact us on (09) 426 8488 for further details.

Contact ABA Chartered Accountants today to see how we can help you with your personal or business accounting.

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