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Sometimes life’s events occur that are outside of our control. If you have an outstanding issue with IRD, you are better to get it resolved sooner rather than later. With their specialist taxation knowledge, our tax experts can assist you and save you a lot of stress and worry.  

We deal with the IRD on a regular basis; therefore, we know and understand the information they require. Our specialist tax team are able to act on your behalf in order to get the best possible outcome for your situation. 

Our services include:

Negotiating with IRD regarding filing deadlines for overdue tax returns and working with you to get you up to date on overdue tax returns

If you have not filed a GST Return or Income Tax Return correctly, we can arrange a voluntary disclosure with the IRD on your behalf

If you are under financial difficulty, we can submit a Hardship Application to the IRD on your behalf and negotiate settling or writing off your tax debt, penalties and interest

No job is too big or small

We have assisted many clients out of difficult situations.  
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