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Business Structures

Are you setting up a business in NZ?

It is exciting to start a new venture. However, before you launch into this, it is vitally important to have the right business structure in place. Considerations of the right structure include asset protection, tax efficiency, profitability and compliance costs.  It can be very costly to get the structure wrong and have to revisit at a later date. 

We offer you the opportunity to meet with us to discuss your current situation which will include looking at any structure and tax issues that need to be addressed to make sure you are in the best position going forward. We will then also be able to make a recommendation on the appropriate structure for your individual circumstances.

Call us to arrange a meeting with one of our staff to discuss your current business structure.

Company Formations 

There are many questions people have regarding Company formations when setting up a business in NZ. These include: 
  • What do I need to set up a company?
  • Do I need to become a limited liability company?
  • What sort of company do I need?
  • Is a look through company (LTC) appropriate? 
  • Who should be the shareholders?
  • Who should be the directors?
  • Do I require a company constitution? 

At ABA we can discuss your current situation and requirements and make a recommendation to you.  We can also reserve the company name, incorporate the company, and manage the statutory requirements of the Company as required by the New Zealand Companies Office. 

If you’re setting up a business in NZ, call us on 09 426 8488 to discuss your requirements for a company formation or any difficulties you are facing regarding an existing company. 


The goal of a family trust is to transfer your significant assets from personal ownership to ownership by the trust. This is so that you legally own no assets yourself, but as a Trustee of the Trust you still have control over these assets and as a beneficiary you get to benefit from them.  This structure provides valuable asset protection for business owners.  ABA can walk you through this process including:

  • Determining the Settlors, Trustees, and Beneficiaries;
  • Establishing the Trust and applying for an IRD number (if required);  
  • Putting in place a Memorandum of Guidance; 
  • Completing the appropriate Gifting and Trust Minutes for your Trust. 

Trust specialists

At Associated Business Advisors Limited we have trust accountants who specialise in trusts and can provide professional tax advice and trust management services.

For further information on Trusts please refer to our Resources section.

What our
clients say…

“Greatly appreciated Keri-Ann’s expertise and knowledge, plus we like the hassle-free approach from ABA.” 

Annie Carmichael, Bancroft Trust

We consider ourselves to be friendly and approachable and will work with you wherever possible to ensure your business is structured in the way that will serve you best. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in setting up a business in NZ.

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