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Body Corporate Management Services

Do you require Body Corporate administration services run by an experienced, efficient and cost-effective team?  

The Body Corporate Administration Services We Offer Include:
  • Paying the accounts of the Body Corporate.
  • Establishing an annual budget for the Body Corporate and preparing invoices for all Body Corporate annual levies. This includes sending out overdue notices if required.
  • Assisting with the drafting of a long-term maintenance plan.
  • Setting up a separate account for a long-term maintenance plan fund if required.
  • Preparing annual Financial Statements for the Body Corporate.
  • Attending to the preparation and submission of income tax returns on behalf of the Body Corporate.
  • Effecting insurances as required pursuant to the Act, subject to the Body Corporate having sufficient funds to cover the cost of insurances. Obtain quotes from Brokers as necessary and submit to the Body Corporate committee or chairperson.
  • Submitting insurance claims to the Body Corporate insurer.
  • Receiving reports from the Body Corporate committee or chairperson and distributing them to unit owners.
  • Maintaining the register of unit owners.
  • Maintaining the books and records of the Body Corporate.
  • On request of the Body Corporate chairperson, convening an annual general meeting, preparing the agenda and attending the annual general meeting, recording Resolutions voted on and whether they were passed and preparing minutes of the meeting.
  • Convening and attending committee meetings and preparing minutes of the meetings.
  • Preparing and issuing notices of Resolutions to be passed without a general meeting.
  • Notifying unit owners of the result of any vote on a Resolution passed without a general meeting.
Additional Body Corporate Administration Duties May Include:
  • Attending to applications to Tenancy Services or the Disputes Tribunal on any matter as required.
  • Attendance at hearings conducted by tribunals.
  • Attendance on solicitors in relation to legal proceedings by the Body Corporate.
  • Convening and attending additional meetings.
  • The keeping of any wage, income tax or other records in respect of any employees or contractors of the Body Corporate and completion and submission of returns in respect thereof.

Body Corporate Guide

The Department of Building and Housing have put together a simple language guide that explains the operational rules of a body corporate.

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